Task and service providing quality management policy in Oil & Gas field


The followings are determined as the quality basics and policy of Zeytoon Karan Pasargad Company.

Increasing working quality and providing service by:

  1. Implementation of buildings, facilities, services and Oil & Gas projects using modern technologies.
  2. Running projects out of the company’s current activity scope.
  3. Expanding company activities through cooperating with advisers and other contractors.
  4. Customer satisfaction and meeting expectations by understanding their needs and requests, providing high quality work, affordable and in time.
  5. Personnel career satisfaction promoting by continuous learning and training.

      Management of the company, beside commitment for creating and providing required resources, has chosen ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System pattern as the executive template and expects to achieving its goals and continuous enhancement with the diligence of each and every personnel, following requirements of the ISO9001:2000 standard using established procedures and stepping up in the direction of the policy above.